Edmund's .plan

Pre-job session: 524 words (of 52,880) on #1239b. Finished up a pivotal scene, reasonably happy with it, and had one of those “riiiiiiight” moments about something I'd been toying with but hadn't found a way to make work. A pleasant, productive writing session for a Monday morning.

Very late night session: 579 words (of 52,009) on #1239b.

Late night: 141 words (of 51,430) on #1239b.

Afternoon session while P. fences: 527 words (of 51,289) on #1239b.

Busy day, late night is first writing: 521 words (of 50,762) on #1239b.

Late night, 206 words (of 50,241) on #1239b.

While P. does homework, 281 words (of 50,035) on #1239b. Broke 50k!

Afternoon session: 272 words (of 49,754) on #1239b.

Right before bed: 167 words (of 49,482) on #1239b.

Looks like feedback on #bod will be back at just the right time, right as the draft for #1239b is finishing up.